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Good Reading -- March 2021

Philip C. Ordway

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Facts & Figures

  • More than 42,000 Americans were killed in car crashes in 2020, an increase of 8% over 2019 levels despite a drop in miles driven of 13%. Among other factors, less traffic meant more speeding. Tragic, unexpected consequences of the pandemic are everywhere…

  • The United States will soon have spent approximately $5.5 trillion fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. World War II cost the U.S. about $4.8 trillion (in 2021 dollars).

  • Only 3.7% or 4,264 of recorded address changes in five Bay Area counties went out of state, suggesting "exodus" is mostly hype. 72% stayed in Bay Area.”

  • In 2020, “2,246 people filed a permanent address change from Manhattan to Miami-Dade County and 1,741 went to Palm Beach County. Together they account for 9% of the out-of-state moves from the borough, up from 6% in 2019. More Manhattanites relocated to Jersey City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago and Hoboken, New Jersey, than they did to either Miami or Palm Beach."

  • ~1.9 trillion shares — the volume of OTC “penny stocks” traded in February 2021, up roughly 20x over the level of February 2020.


  • “Everyone wants to get rich. Any they want to get rich quick.” — Jordan Belfort




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