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Good Reading -- June 2019

Quoted “When I work I have no sunk costs. I like changing my mind. Some people really don’t like it but for me changing my mind is a thrill. It’s an indication that I’m learning something. So I have no sunk costs in the sense that I can walk away from an idea that I’ve worked on for a year if I can see a better idea. It’s a good attitude for a researcher. The main track that young researchers fall into is sunk costs. They get to work on a project that doesn’t work and that is not promising but they keep at it. I think too much persistence can be bad for you in the intellectual world.” -- Danny Kahneman (via Morgan Housel's blog)

Facts and Figures 28% of U.S. households -- comprised of 35.7 million people -- consist of a single person living alone. In 1980 only 23% of Americans lived alone, and in 1960 only 13% did. (Source: U.S. Census Bureau)



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