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“Good Reading” started out as an email exchange with a friend. I would read something interesting and send it to him, or vice versa, and then it would get forwarded around to a few of our friends, colleagues, etc. After a while a few people asked to join "the list” directly – even though there was no actual list – and the rest is history.

There was no grand plan or idea. Sharing interesting reading material, especially things that have not already been highlighted by the usual news/blog/Twitter sources, was the only goal and that remains the case today.

Reading what smart people have written is the best way I’ve found to learn, and most of what I’ve learned – particularly about investing – can be found in these books and articles. Passing on what I've found helpful is the least I can do.

Reading has helped to remove some of my ignorance, but there is a long way to go. And in that regard, most of this was never intended for “public” consumption, so please forgive the mistakes, omissions, typos, uninformed editorial commentary, etc.

Comments, criticisms, submissions and suggestions are always welcome. Hope you enjoy.

- Phil

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